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Resources for Ukraine

Looking to help during the Ukrainian crisis? We've compiled some vetted charities and resources for folks looking to help.


United Ukrainian American Relief Committee

Provided by a Ukrainian friend of ours, UUARC is fundraising to provide vital medical supplies to victims, care for the injured and refugees, as well as shelter and food to those affected. 72.2/100 Charity Navigator rating.

Ukrainewar Carrd

A bunch of charities compiled by Ukrainians and being updated as needs change. It's worth taking a look at this and seeing where your money might be best sent.


To donate to without having to go through a wire transfer, here is a Facebook fundraiser (I know, I'm sorry) for the same thing.

Project HOPE

Providing medical supplies and aid to refugees. 86.29/100 Charity Navigator rating.

Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund

This contingent of GlobalGiving provides:​

  • Shelter, food, and clean water for refugees

  • Health and psychosocial support

  • Access to education and economic assistance

96.66/100 Charity Navigator rating.

Save the Children: Ukraine

Organization for helping children who have been affected by war. 91.82/100 Charity Navigator rating.

World Help

Sends food and medical aid to refugees. 82.6/100 Charity Navigator rating.

UNICEF: Ukraine

Sends material and psychological hep to children affected by war. 89.18/100 Charity Navigator rating.

The Int. Committee of the Red Cross

Provides water, food, hygiene items, and medical care. No current Charity Navigator rating.

Itch Game Bundle

Currently being compiled, proceeds will go to Ukraine and trans kids in Texas. Keep an eye on the Twitter thread!


A Dispatch From Ukraine

A discussion with a Ukrainian journalist (@VagrantJuorno) about the escalating conflict in Ukraine. 

Ukraine Without Hype

Ukraine-based journalists discuss the biggest stories from Ukraine.

The Real and Imagined History of Ukraine

A history of Ukraine's origins and the reasons behind its current conflict.

A Phone Call From Ukraine

Kurii Vasyl and his niece Yulya try and make sense of Russia's invasion of their country.

Why Ukraine Matters

A discussion of how an invasion of Ukraine could affect the entire world.

Kyiv Independent

Independent English-language journalism in Ukraine.

The New Voice of Ukraine

Ukraine's premier independent English-language news source.

Charity Navigator information included where available. Please note that not having a CN rating doesn't mean a charity isn't worth giving to, it may simply be too small or new to have been properly rated. Or I just couldn't find the right one.

Resources may be out of date, but are included for their historical or contextual importance.

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