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Building Better (Game) Worlds

We are a small, queer-owned game developer. We produce videogames, card games, LARPs, and tabletop games with a focus on inclusion and accessibility in design. We're just 1-2 people with a lot of creative friends, so things can move slow, but we like to think they move responsibly as a result.


complete & in progress

Harsh Generation ttrpg cyberpunk roleplaying game

Harsh is a tongue-in-cheek romp through a post-apocalyptic Philadelphia providing players with a self-generating storytelling engine. Create narratives on the fly, learn the lore as you go, and tell the stories you want to tell without the dice saying no. If you ever wanted "yes, and" set in a future where Gritty is a God, then grab a copy and get down to business.

Themes: Body mods, cyberpunk aesthetic, collaborative play, storytelling, tongue-in-cheek, fictional religious conflict


Do you get frustrated with how easy false information is spread? Does it seem like people are just pulling logic out of thin air to serve their own agenda? We get it, and we wanted some catharsis to deal with it. Join us in a world where facts are subjective and reality is how you spin it. Wrangle your strawmen and some friends and see who is the best at making it up as they go along!

Themes: Fictional conspiracies, improv, party games, casual games, friendly competition


Tourist Trap

Card/Board Game | Horror

Embrace the otherworldliness of a cross country road trip by visiting places that the laws of physics have forgotten. Travel along America's roads less traveled and discover just what lurks in the small towns, rest areas, and roadside diners hidden along the way. When you're done dodging otherworldly entities and portals to other dimensions, be sure to grab souvenirs for the folks back home!

Themes: Uncanny valley, slow-burn horror, teamwork, body horror, a complete disrespect for the laws of physics

bean sidhe (1200 x 600 px) (1).png

Our world is one of countless struggles, but within those struggles are stories of resistance, courage, and compassion for others. Bean Sidhe explores these themes in a walking sim narrative style through the perspective of a nameless first person character, from their prehistorical ancestors to those they knew in life as they try and make sense of their reality. Heavily steeped in Irish lore and history, Bean Sidhe seeks to understand the power of resistance and radical compassion in the face of what sometimes seems like insurmountable odds.

Themes: Death, loss, oppression (queer, political, and gendered), historical resistance

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