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Welcome to the 2020s! It appears that we live in a world where truth is as malleable as an old piece of PlayDough, and the constant onslaught of head-scratching logic used to deny lived experiences can be exhausting. We're tired. You're tired.  It's been a hard year. A hard four years. Hell it's been a hard life for most of us, and sometimes you just need to kick back and make fun of it all.

Cocktails & Chemtrails is meant to capture the sheer inanity of "truth" and how easily it can be bent to an agenda using any number of logical fallacies, skewed anecdotes, and charisma. Except the agendas here are fun, and probably won't result in a global pandemic.

Grab your copy below. Make sure you play safely with your friends. And wear a Goddamn mask, okay?

We love you.


Pick the ridiculous reality that speaks to your heart. Have you always wondered if magic is real? What if humans actually came from Mars? And there's always that pesky Mandela Effect making the idea of a widespread mind control experiment just a bit more compelling...

Choose your favorite--or least favorite--theory and get ready to twist a lot of truths in order to convince your pals it's the most legit of them all.


Pick from a variety of Flawless Logic cards to defend your arguments. Of course humans came from Mars. How else do you explain the existence of polydactyl cats? Those extra toes didn't just come from nowhere. It's clearly from some sort of Martian feline descendant. Would explain a lot of other aspects of cats, too.

The more ridiculous your logic the better, and the more effectively you can spin your evidence, the higher chance you have of confusing your opponents so profoundly that they have no choice but to agree with you.

Cocktails & Chemtrails is designed to be an easy party game that encourages friendly banter (seriously, don't be an asshole, okay?), is playable in about 45 minutes to an hour, and conducive to distractions and players needing to swap in and out when needed. If you enjoy collaborative improv games like Cards Against Humanity, Aye Dark Overlord, Punderdome, Slash, or the Jackbox Party Packs, you'll probably enjoy Cocktails & Chemtrails. 



We understand that "fake news," "alternative facts," and conspiracy theories can dip into some pretty cringey territory, and will be doing our darndest to avoid anything that might leave a bad taste in players' mouths. That means nothing with actual real-life casualties or anything couched in overt racism. This is supposed to be fun, not triggering. Honestly? We made most of this garbage up, anyway.

In addition, because misleading information and conspiracy theories are literally killing people, we'll be donating all profits from this game to the Ctrl+Alt+Del+Hate campaign by Light Upon Light, an organization working to combat radicalization and help those affected by it. ​Check them out!



Every heated debate needs conflict, and have we got that in spades! Any player can contest any other player's argument by calling bullshit and co-opting the evidence to prove their own theory.

Up against an argument even your fantastic deductive skills can't best? Commend a great leap of logic to gain yourself some beneficial cards and give your pal a boost of confidence. It doesn't mean they're right, it just mean they'll be even more disappointed when you crush them on your next turn.

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