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Embrace the strange otherworldliness of the great cross country road trip by visiting the places that time and the laws of physics have forgotten.


Keep one eye on the road and the other on your friends, just in case they wander off. And when you're done dodging strange entities and portals to other dimensions, be sure to grab souvenirs for the folks back home!

Tourist Trap is currently being playtested. If you're interested in contributing, shoot us a message!


Every pit stop brings you to a different, unique place, and every place has a story to tell. No matter the location or your reason for stopping, something always feels off in these forgotten roadside locations. You can't quite put your finger on it: sometimes it's a sense of being watched, overwhelming deja vu, or something in your peripheral vision that's never there when you turn your head.

Maybe it was just the burrito you ate for lunch. Or maybe you had a brush with another reality. And maybe next time you won't be so lucky to walk away with just a bad feeling in your stomach.

Inspired by the podcast One Strange ThingTourist Trap is a game that's meant to transport you and your friends across the country and into other worlds. It takes about an hour to play, accommodates 2-5 people, and may or may not result in you being sucked into another dimension. Sealbee is not responsible for any reality shifts resulting in bodily harm, mental collapse, or individuals being swapped with their other selves. Have fun!

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Is your friend acting a little weird? Is there something in their eyes that wasn't there before you stopped for dinner? Are you sure that's actually your friend?

Reality is constantly shifting on the road, and sometimes those shifts leave human-sized holes for you or your friends to fall into. In their place emerge strange copies of whoever or whatever was taken, and you might be the only thing standing between your friend's safe return and consigning them to oblivion.

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Travel along the sunbaked highways of America's roads less traveled and discover just what lurks in the small towns, rest areas, and roadside diners hidden along the way. You might not have a particular goal in mind, but that's fine--it's about the journey, not the destination.

Discover the road ahead and all the strange places it might take you by pulling road tiles and following the instructions they provide. Maybe it's time for a pit stop; maybe it's time to slip into a different timeline. The uncertainty is half the fun!

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