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Get to know us

We are a small, queer-owned game developer. We produce card games, LARPs, and tabletop games with a focus on inclusion and accessibility in design. 

We donate the majority of our profits to various organizations, including Light Upon Light deradicalization and Eliannie Animal Rescue.

It's important to know who you're supporting with your gaming choices. For transparency: we're all unabashedly queer, Black lives matter to us, and we are always trying to do better as people and game designers.

The Seal

The Seal

Emily is the primary developer for Harsh Generation, Cocktails & Chemtrails, Tourist Trap, and contributed a lot of robot writing for World's Wake. She has several gaming and gaming-adjacent publications under her belt and is the Lead Narrative Designer at Astral Clocktower Studios working on the ARPG Kristala.

She thinks seals are really great and are much more like sea cattos instead of sea doggos. She and Kris also have 7 cats, so she might be biased.

The Bee

Kris is the primary developer for World's Wake, and was integral in helping shape the world of Harsh Generation and playtest Cocktails & Chemtrails. He helped launch Changeling: the Dreaming 2.0 through White Wolf and has also written for Dystopia Rising and was the General Manager for Doomsday LARP. He is currently working on some virtual LARP ideas for Covid-safe gameplay.

He often cries when he sees bees because they're very important.


The Good Friend

Wren was instrumental in the promotion of both Harsh Generation and World's Wake and is the co-designer for Cocktails & Chemtrails. He is currently working on his own project involving community building in a corporate reality, and can be found streaming and sharing good vibes on Twitch at BigChainsawEnergy.ttv.

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